Gold Prospecting in Indiana

Gold panning in Indiana, as well as in many other states, has been found and searched for in the streams since the 1850ís and it is still possible to find gold flakes in some of the streams here. A good number of counties in Indiana have reported there being gold; however the in most cases it is only found in very small amounts. The gold in Indiana is known only from the streams and has glacial drift in the beds meaning that the gold is most likely being transported from another source. Keep in mind that gold panning can be a great amount of work and in most cases does not add up to a great amount of profit.

What this area is known for:

Mammoth and other Paleocene Mammals
Canadian Shield and other Glacier Till
Gold and Diamonds
Gold locations:

Brown County - Good to excellent: Most all streams
Gatesville - Good place to learn, lots of fine gold for panning
Morgan County - Most all streams will have some color
Morgan-Monroe State Forest - permit needed:call 1-765-342-4026 they will send you a Gold Panning permit.


The new laws for prospecting in Indiana, as most of you know Indiana recently passed some new laws concerning prospecting in the state.
below is the link to a PDF copy of the rules...
New Rules on Prospecting In Indiana Click Here